Room 1

"The Hut" is a charming and cosy self-catering Rondawel cottage designed for two people seeking a unique and rustic experience.

Stepping into its enclosed garden sanctuary, guests are greeted by the endearing sight of a petite door, a humble entrance to a world of coziness and comfort. Inside, the heart of "The Hut" reveals itself - a snug king-sized bed awaits, inviting weary souls to rest amidst its welcoming embrace. An open plan kitchenette stands ready to cater to culinary whims, while an en-suite private bathroom, adorned with a shower, offers respite and privacy.

Outside, a small haven awaits, where the symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves serenades morning moments spent sipping coffee or indulging in the delight of a mobile braai (BBQ), adding an authentic touch to the experience.

With its nostalgic ambiance and simplicity, "The Hut" evokes memories of bygone eras and celebrates the timeless beauty of nature, offering a sanctuary where one can embrace the tranquillity and essence of simpler times.