It's all in the Name!

Posted on Tue July 6, 2021.

Looking at the local Fauna and Flora!

If you have been to our little part of Eden, then you would have noticed that each of the rooms had a name on them to make sure that the true feeling of the lodge is understood and experienced in each of our very unique Units.

After all of these years we thought that we would have a holiday (change is as good as a holiday they say) and we have decided to rename the rooms to bring Nature directly into the units as you relax, kick back and take in the surrounding beauty of our gorgeous lodge!

Therefore, without any delay, we would like to introduce you all to our "new "units:

Prairie Room, Heirloom Room, Saringa Chalet, Maple Chalet, Persimmon Court, Grandiflora de Luxe, Ayrshire Court, Willow Grove, Pecan Suite, Plane Suite, Pine Suite and Palm Suite.

As with the feel of the Lodge, we have kept all the new names familiar to us here at the lodge. All the names include those of all the indigenous trees and rose cultivars that can be found on the grounds here at Winterton Country Lodge

Come along and come see how it now seems a little more like Mother Nature is creeping the front door to welcome you here to our Little Piece of Eden!

Hope to see you all soon